Working with Microsoft Office - Exchange Online Protection - PART 1

Maybe I missed it but I have not found a good discussion for techs working with an On-Prem Exchange box and Exchange Online Protection for spam filtering.

Successfully deployed this setup... with headaches... I now want to share notes with the IT world!

For those who are setup... Things to know:

1) Your 1 month trial gives you FULL coverage for your company spam protection and all features are available!

2) For those looking to send alerts to users about their spam... you might see Microsoft instruct you to go to the "Content Filter" BUT it's gone!! It’s now the spam filter… some of the Content filter options are hidden but if you know how to get to them they are there. For example... user notifications... look to the right side of the screen with the Spam Filter rule summery (it's in its own frame) and you will see a blue link labeled "Configure end-user spam notifications..." Good luck googling this ahhh!! Now you know!!

3) Need to block Top Level Domains... I figured out the correct way to write rules to handle TLDs - (Mail Flow -> Rules -> New Rules -> Create a New Rule (In the new popup window scroll down and click "More Options" then scroll up and pick the "Apply this rule if..." to "The Sender address matches..." and add the TLDs you want to block (HINT: Don't block .com or .org you might block email you want!! AND DO Block .xyz and .top - those two offer nothing but spam!!)

4) After you set the rule up discusses in (3) You can pick the options under "Do the following" to Send the Marked Spam to the quarantine box with is good so you can see what is blocked, but again for those pesky .xyz and .top I changed that setting to delete without a response (no need to tell the spammers we blocked them) this helped keep the clutter out of the quarantine box!

More tips to come or feel free to ask me stuff here... Together we will create a place for those who had no where to go when setting this up!

More cool notes and tips to come!! :)

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